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Heart Rate Monitor

Personal Biological Monitoring: The Future of Health Diagnostics

Two weeks ago, I attended the Global Spa Summit in Bali, Indonesia, where spa and wellness leaders from around the world gathered together to discuss trends for the future of wellness.  One surprising trend that came up again and again in multiple sessions during the summit was the concept of personal biological monitoring—people using technology […]

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Romans Amazing Dad Age 77 by rita la vida

On Physical Flourishing

Today’s article is also published on Positive Psychology News Daily.  With the release of his new book, “Flourish: A Visionary New Understanding of Happiness and Well-being,” Martin Seligman presents his new model for wellbeing under the codename PERMA.  PERMA is an acronym for the five pillars of wellbeing that Seligman has identified through decades of research […]

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The Golden Ratio by Martin Heigan

Spas Could Lead the Way in the Art and Science of Healing

I am proud to welcome Sara Firman, BSc. MPhil. LMT, to The Psychology of Wellbeing.  She is an independent spa therapist, consultant and writer who shares a her wonderful perspective on spa culture on her Vision Spa Retreat blog. Her unique perspective comes from working in clinical, spa and private settings as both a therapist and a manager in […]

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