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Mamaroneck after Irene

When Disaster Strikes

Hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, fires, floods, volcanoes and terrorist attacks.  In just the past year these disasters have all hit somewhere in the world.  We’ve had every kind of disaster you can think of short of an attack of zombie hordes.  This time, the disaster came pretty close to home for me with Hurricane Irene […]

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sexy scientist

Love or Science? A Young Woman’s Dilemma

A recent series of research studies found that women are lured away from math and science by their desire for romance.  This research is fascinating on two levels.  First, because it highlights a difference between the genders as researchers found that women, but not men, would express less motivation to pursue a career in science, […]

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Construction Worker by Saad Akhtar

What’s Good About Work?

Let’s face it, most of us hate our jobs, and if you ask us what we hate about them, we’d be happy to tell you the stories of lazy coworkers, miserable conditions and asshole bosses.  Gallup researchers suggest that “presenteeism” (the act of showing up to work but not truly contributing to the productivity of […]

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Goughane Barra forest by Michael Foley

Positive Psychology and Climate Change

Today’s article is by my friend and fellow University of Pennsylvania MAPP graduate, David M. Carter.  David specializes in the psychology of behavior change towards more environmentally sustainable lifestyles.  I am inspired by the impact David makes on the world through his writing and speaking, promoting the theories and research discoveries in positive psychology that can […]

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