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The Psychology of Wellbeing Best of 2011

These were some of my favorite articles of the year (in case you missed ’em!) The First Rule of Happiness: You Do Not Talk About Happiness If you saw the movie Fight Club, you may remember Brad Pitt as the colorful Tyler Durden, sharing the rules of Fight Club: “The first rule of Fight Club is […]

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good friday 2010 by mugley

On Jesus Christ, the Man

Christmas Day, December 25, is the largest holiday in the world, observed by billions of people.  For many, this is a religious holiday, celebrating the miraculous birth of Jesus Christ, the son of God.  But the holiday has transcended religion, becoming a cultural holiday marked by the exchange of gifts and secular icons such as […]

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Don Ardell Wellness

The Word on Wellness

Today’s article is from wellness expert Donald B. Ardell who wrote the landmark High Level Wellness: An Alternative to Doctors, Drugs, and Disease and a dozen others since, plus 673 editions of his insightful Ardell Wellness Report newsletter.  He has won numerous national and world championships in triathlon and duathlon competitions and has been given lifetime achievement awards […]

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Performance Review

Positive Peformance Evaluations

The end of the year is drawing near again and it’s time once again to begin thinking about those dreaded year-end employee performance evaluations.  These meetings, usually accompanied by some kind of documentation, are a kind of report card for employees—a chance for managers to assess the performance of their workforce, and a chance for […]

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