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One Small Step by Aldo Aldoz

Kaizen: Accomplishing Big Goals with Tiny Steps

Nicholas Ritchey is an inventor, teacher, mathematician, information marketer, web designer, author, powerlifter, wanderer and stoic.  He is also a fellow graduate of the Master of Applied Positive Psychology program at UPenn.  If you are wondering (as I was) how he pursues so many diverse passions, you will enjoy his article below which shares his […]

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Emmy Van Deurzen

Great Minds Gather to Discuss Meaning in Life

I am disappointed that I won’t be able to attend the International Meaning Conference coming up in Toronto at the end of July.  They are putting together an all-star line up of researchers in positive psychology with an emphasis on “healing and flourishing through meaning.” The headliners will include Todd Kashdan, author of the must-read […]

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2009 Resolution by Jetta Girl

Willpower and Behavior Change: Wanting What You Want to Want

This article is also published on Positive Psychology News Daily. The American Psychological Association recently commissioned some research on stress and willpower in America to understand American perceptions of stress and the motivation to make lifestyle and behavior changes.  Almost everyone that they surveyed (93%) had goals to change some aspect of their behavior in […]

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