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Everest by Matthew Winterburn

Letting Go of Goals

I have a confession to make:  I’ve never been a big believer in specific goals.  My “anti-goal” philosophy is not one I’ve shared on the blog previously, in part for fear of rejection or ridicule.  I mean, everyone knows how important goals are, and there’s tons of research on goal theory to prove it.  But […]

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Dynamic Maggi by Ali Brohi

A Funny Thing Happened: On Humor and Wellbeing

“Laugh often, long and loud. Laugh until you gasp for breath.” ― George Carlin Researchers from the University of Switzerland, Fabian Gander, Rene Proyer and Tobias Wyss shared a poster presentation at the last world congress of the International Positive Psychology Association.  They noted that while humor as a character strength has been observed to be “robustly […]

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