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The Art of Self-Acceptance

Today’s article is a guest post from Dr. Larry Berkelhammer, who has learned the power of mindfulness and self-acceptance, even through his own diagnoses of several chronic illnesses. Dr. Berkelhammer has spent 19 years teaching clients how to manage their pain with mind training techniques.  His background is in psychotherapy, applied psychophysiology, and applied psychoneuroimmunology. […]

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Celebrating the Third Jesus

Photo Credit: Tom via Compfight Almost everyone in the world can divide themselves into one of two groups: those who believe in Jesus Christ as the Son of God and our Savior, and those who don’t.  Christmas time is a time when these two groups begin to intersect in some small way by celebrating a […]

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Wake up everyone . . . PLEASE! by Dennis Jarvis

After Tragedy, Love not Fear

A tragedy of unimaginable proportions played out in one of our schools this week.  Twenty children—innocent beyond belief, filled with hope and potential for the future, and loved deeply by many—were gunned down at random in the sacred halls of an institution where they are supposed to feel protected and nurtured. Like any parent, I […]

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Let them Know—Reflections on the Good Life

“Other people matter. But few of them are mind readers. Let them know that they matter. They might benefit. And you certainly will.”   —Chris Peterson Sadly, many of my readers probably first got to know about Chris Peterson when I published some excerpts of his writing a few days after he had passed away.  Chris […]

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