Write for TPOW

If you have any interest in joining my blog as a partner or just as an occasional guest blogger, I would love to hear from you.  To be a good fit for The Psychology of Wellbeing, your content should combine research from the field of psychology with real life stories of how it is or might be applied.    Articles are generally 500-800 words in length (500-600 is probably best but I find my own articles tend to push the upper limits.)  Articles typically contain several links that point to sources for additional information as well as a section on “references and recommended reading” at the bottom.   

I’ve designated Fridays as “Guest Blogger Friday” so if you have an article you would like to submit, please email it to jeremy@psychologyofwellbeing.com.  I can’t provide any compensation and I can’t promise fame, fortune, or a book deal from your limited exposure on my humble website.  But if you share my interests and passion for the science of wellbeing, I can promise a forum for fostering dialogue and building a community of like minded folks.  Let’s build that community together.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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