Frequently Asked Questions

What does the course cover?

The course covers a variety of strategies for leaders drawn from positive psychology, positive organizational scholarship and appreciative inquiry.  Strategies include ideas around strengths-based leadership, creating a strong workplace culture, creating a sense of meaning, purpose and passion around work (for yourself or for your team,) and strategies for accomplishing goals (personal and professional.)

Will I be able to apply these lessons to my work as a _______________?

The lessons in the course can be applied to any job.  While the emphasis is on helping to develop students as a leader, it is really up to each student how they would like to apply each lesson.  I encourage each student to apply what they learn every week either professionally, or in their personal lives.  Some of the students are already managing large teams and can immediately begin trying some of the strategies within their organization to enhance their workplace culture or drive more effective team outcomes.  Some of the students are preparing themselves for a future leadership role and they can begin applying the strategies either within a team that they belong to or on any personal projects they may be working on.

I have had massage therapists studying alongside top executives from a hospitality company.  I have had students just starting their career studying alongside experienced industry veterans.  The feedback has been very positive from everyone who has taken the course.  My goal is to help the students move their career forward in a meaningful way, realizing that may be different for everyone.

If I don’t work in the spa or hospitality industry, will this course still be relevant?

The reality is that the strategies in this course could be applied in ANY industry.  To give you one example, I actually volunteer my time teaching these same strategies to teachers and administrators at a school for at-risk children.  The only area that you will notice an emphasis on spa and hospitality is in the classroom discussions because they are driven by the students and many of them come from these fields.  That being said, the group is always very diverse, with people from across different cultural viewpoints, different levels of experience, different job types within their industries, and different goals for the class.  This diversity is what makes the class discussions so interesting.

How hard/easy is the course?  How much time does it take?

This is not an easy course.  I believe my students are making a big commitment with their money and time to participate in the course and I want them to get as much out of that investment as possible.  For that reason, EVERY week of the course includes:

  • reading assignments
  • lectures
  • class discussions
  • homework assignments (usually one or two written papers)

If you don’t have time to commit several hours a week to doing the work, this may not be the class for you.

The good news is, I tell students on the first day exactly what they need to do to get an A in the class.  In that sense, it is easy to be successful, but you do have to do the work.

I live in ___________ country and _____________ time zone.  What time are the lectures and discussions?

The class is 100% asynchronous, meaning everyone does their work on their own individual time schedule.  Because I have students from all over the world, it is impossible to force everyone to join a call or a webinar at a specific time.  Each week, I upload new lectures and new discussion topics to the course website.  Students can download the lectures and participate in the discussions at their own pace.  Because the discussions are ongoing, students usually have to check in to the discussions at least a few times each week.  And each week’s homework assignments are  due at the end of that week to prevent students from falling behind.

What  will I get out of the course?

Like any good course, you will get out of it what you put into it.  But you will be immersing yourself in information on the latest and most effective research-based management styles.  You will be experimenting with new strategies and ideas to move your goals forward.  And you will be learning skills that can not only improve team and workplace dynamics but can improve your personal relationships as well.  To hear what others have said about the course, please visit my testimonials page here.

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