From students that have completed the course on Positive Leadership . . .

What stands out to me is the change I notice in myself in work and the shift in my leadership style since beginning this course. Instead of constantly focusing on fixing things and the “problem children” at work I’m looking for strengths in each my employees, how we can build on them and how their positive attributes can help train new staff members. I’m thinking about ways that I can facilitate gratitude, appreciation, relationships, positive communication and positive meaning at work. I feel energized about this new way of leading and running the spa and I’m looking forward to using my new knowledge to enhance service, increase morale and improve our bottom line.

Cheri Rampacek, Spa Manager, The Lodge at Torrey Pines


This has been such an amazing course… I wish it wasn’t ending this week!  It’s been interesting to go through my notes and think about all the different things that we have learned.  Not only has this been a great course for my career and professional life, but it has also affected parts of my personal life.  I feel like EVERYONE should learn this stuff, no matter what field they are in.

One concept that has really stuck with me is our tendency towards a negative bias.  It’s so easy to quickly see the negative, or report on the negative.  I am making a conscious effort in my daily life to focus more on the positive.  I am doing this with my friendships, my relationships, and in my place of work.  It’s very powerful.  I am overall a very positive person, but it’s still easy to slip into negativity and it really takes mindful, conscious effort to focus more on the positive.  It’s important to be aware of the negative aspects of life, but life is WAY better when the negative is not the primary focus.

It was also very intersting to learn about my strengths with the VIA test.  I hope to delve more into learning about my top strengths, as well as think about ways to work with future employees strengths.

In terms of my career, this class has really motivated to think about the next steps in my professional life.  I would love to own and run my business soon and this class has given me a number of tools, as well as the confidence, to begin these endeavors. There are a number of businesses and business leaders whom I greatly admire.  This course has illustrated several of the concepts that I feel made them the great leaders that they are.  I will continue to learn more about these concepts.  I just ordered a pile of books on Amazon so I can keep reading and learning 🙂

It’s also been very fun to get to know my classmates…  I am hoping we can connect on Facebook or email and stay in touch!

 –Katrina Miller


This was a very eye opening course for me, and the most relevant aspect to me has been realizing that we have to consciously focus on facilitating positively deviant behavior. I haven’t done that in the last few years. The course made me realize that we’ve been expecting the positively deviant outcome without considering the inputs, a.k.a, strategies: climate, relationships, communication, and meaning.

What’s more, we’ve been leaning way too heavily on our negativity bias because we felt that rooting out the bad would somehow lead to excellence. I now feel like that is like applying the brakes and the gas of a motor vehicle at the same time – they are opposing forces! So the plan now is to start identifying gaps in my strategies, and implementing them a few at a time to slowly move my leadership style to one that is positively deviant as defined in this curriculum.

I’ve enjoyed learning from all of your diverse perspectives, and wish you all the best as you apply this learning in your work. It’s so refreshing to be among a group of people that is so committed to positivity. And since we are understanding that work/life has to be integrated (not balanced), that means we are committed to manifesting positivity in our total existence!

–Jay Patel, Hospitality Entrepreneur, Wintergreen Hospitality


As I begin to develop and strengthen my positive leadership skills, I want to introduce several key steps into my workplace with a few trickling into my personal life.  I have always felt I have been a “positive” leader, but after this class I truly have the tools to become successful, even “Good to Great”.

–Erica Korpi, Spa Director, Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe Resort, Spa & Casino


This class was very interesting to me. Every week’s topic really just captured my imagination and made me feel excited about using every technique we learned at my job.

I really enjoyed the lesson where we spoke about having a balance between negative and positive. It is interesting to see how it is absolutely necessary to have that little bit of negativity in order to thrive. I have become more aware of how things are handled at my work place to see what type of balance there is. I have since really tried to bring that positive energy into the work place and it has really made a difference. 

I also liked last week’s lecture on setting goals. More importantly having implementation intentions in place. The if/then exercise really helped me to prepare better and to also make my goals clearer and better defined. 

Thank you to all for your thoughts and inputs. You made the class very enjoyable. Jeremy, thank you for your thoughtful comments and feedback. You have an amazing class going here.

–Petra Snyman


I would like to comment on how much I really enjoyed this course. I found the subject matter inspiring on both a professional and personal level. I was pleasantly surprised to find references in both the textbook and the class lessons on applying positive leadership strategies to family life. Parenting is a tough job and this course provided me with new techniques to create a more harmonious home. I feel the areas of positive communication; feedback and reward will be particularly useful in strengthening my parenting skills. Over the last few weeks, I made a concerted effort to “catch my daughter doing something good”, offer more praise, use descriptive rather than evaluative language and teach her the importance of gratitude. I made a simple change in my communication style and altered my usual question from “how was your day” to “tell me something good that happened”. I can already see positive results in my daughter’s emotions and our interactions- less arguing, more hugs- and for that I will be eternally grateful!

–Pamela Ognjenovic


I enjoyed the book we read for the class, some of the important points we’ve touched on have been really relevant to my career growth, such as:

1)Highlighting the connections between the organizations and the values that their employees care the most about.

2)highlighting the long term impact of the work.

3)associating our work with our core values- connections between what is the most important to the individuals and what that brings to the organization, or how it benefits the organization.

The core values were especially challenging for me to pin point, to key in on one or three, I find so many thoughtful and really important key values, one being successfully serving others in the spa industry, creating meaningful relationships within work is another.

I very much appreciating learning what my strengths are and learning how I can be stronger at my strengths.

It’s been a great course and a very thoughtful class.

–Laurel Hill


Wow! What a fantastic course! I can hardly believe that this is my 6th course and I feel this course has been the most beneficial for me both personally and professionally.

The most profound aspect for myself was learning about positively deviant performance. It has been incredible identifying this new concept (for me) and learning how it can be accomplished. It makes “Forbes 50 Best places to work” seem more attainable. I also really enjoyed all of the positive psychology that we touched on throughout the course. Since I have implemented a more positive perspective of my work and the work of colleagues I have found myself more productive, happier with the position in the company and able to communicate more effectively with staff.

“Positive Leadership” by Kim Cameron proved to be packed with much more goodness than I anticipated and felt it was a perfect complement to the course.
Lastly, I found the information on achieving goals through implementation strategies to be invaluable and know I will be using this for a long time into the future!

–Carmel Yap

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