Good Luck to All Facing Sandy Aftermath

I’m not really writing an official article today.  It just doesn’t seem right to try and post an article when so many people are without power and struggling to pick themselves back up in the wake of Sandy’s devastation.

For those (few) diehard readers who need their TPOW fix today, I encourage you to read the article I wrote a year ago on “When Disaster Strikes” after Hurricane Irene hit our hometown of Mamaroneck, NY.

Disasters have a way of bringing out the best in people and reminding us all what’s important.  I’m sure we will find the same thing as we get through this one.

I’m feeling particularly blessed this year because my wife had planned a vacation to the Dominican Republic for our entire family.  Although the trip was planned long before weather forecasts began predicting this “Frankenstorm,” our timing could not have been more perfect.  We flew out of JFK on Saturday morning, just before airlines began canceling flights in droves, and landed safe and sound in this island paradise just before the extreme weather began pounding our neighborhood back home.

I feel more than a little guilty admitting that I spent yesterday surfing, playing beach volleyball, and drinking beers on the beach with my family while most of the people I know were busy hunkering down against the storm.

So we are here basking in the warm glow of a faraway land, feeling immense gratitude to be together and safe as a family and enjoying the warm hospitality and gentle waves of DR, we are also mindful of friends and family who are fighting floods and extreme weather back home.  Our hearts are with you.  Good luck and be safe.

Next week, we will return to your regular programming.

One Response to Good Luck to All Facing Sandy Aftermath

  1. Lisa Sansom October 30, 2012 at 4:33 pm #

    Hope you are enjoying the sunny south! As for resilience and community building, you and your readers might be interested in this positive psychology take on Hurricane Sandy and the positive aftermath too:

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