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The Positive Psychology of Christmas Stories

‘Tis the season, when families come together, exchange gifts, prepare lavish feasts and eventually all curl up in the living room to watch a classic Christmas movie.  The movies that are shown this time of year are very specific in their genre, not just because they feature common characters such as elves, Santa Claus, reindeers […]

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And Some Will Die: Risk and Reality on the Road

This weekend is a holiday weekend.  Millions of families will pile into their cars to spend a few days away relaxing, sight-seeing, or celebrating.  And some will crash . . . and some will die.  This is a sobering thought, inspired by one of the most disturbing videos I have ever seen (see disclosure below before clicking this […]

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Why is Childbirth so Freakin’ Painful?

As any book or guide on pregnancy and childbirth will tell you, “labor is extremely painful.”  But this does not sufficiently capture the severity, intensity and duration that expectant mothers often go through.  Guidebooks should include a few more clarifying statements such as “No really, we mean it, it is incredibly painful” and “As painful […]

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