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I WIsh I Could Love Anything That Much

Suffering, Addiction, and a Compassionate Way Out

Today’s article is by a former Tibetan Buddhist nun, Paldrom Collins,who counsels individuals and couples to find more love, deeper peace and meaning in their lives and relationships. Along with her husband, George Collins, MA, she wrote the book “A Couple’s Guide to Sexual Addiction: Step-by-Step Plan to Rebuild Trust & Restore Intimacy.” Living in this […]

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good friday 2010 by mugley

On Jesus Christ, the Man

Christmas Day, December 25, is the largest holiday in the world, observed by billions of people.  For many, this is a religious holiday, celebrating the miraculous birth of Jesus Christ, the son of God.  But the holiday has transcended religion, becoming a cultural holiday marked by the exchange of gifts and secular icons such as […]

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030 by Jessierocks

Occupy Wall Street asks “What do we all Agree On?”

The recent Occupy Wall Street movement has been successful because it does something that our political system has been unable to do:  align people around shared beliefs and values.  Unfortunately, our current political system is not very good at aligning politicians and citizens to work together towards common goals.  The focus seems to be exclusively on battling over areas of disagreement.  […]

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Goughane Barra forest by Michael Foley

Positive Psychology and Climate Change

Today’s article is by my friend and fellow University of Pennsylvania MAPP graduate, David M. Carter.  David specializes in the psychology of behavior change towards more environmentally sustainable lifestyles.  I am inspired by the impact David makes on the world through his writing and speaking, promoting the theories and research discoveries in positive psychology that can […]

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Love Sculpture by capnsponge

Report from the International Positive Psychology Association

This week I attended the International Positive Psychology Association World Congress, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  As you might imagine, it has been almost overwhelming with a variety of talks regarding the state of positive psychology today and workshops covering specific research that has been done or application of the science to a variety of domains. Here […]

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