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Busting The Minimalist Workout Myth

wbeem via Compfight Forgive me while I get up on my soapbox this week.  But I’m tired of seeing articles like this: 12 Minutes of Exercise a Week could be enough to Stay Fit Here are a few other headlines that I’ve seen recently: The Scientific 7-minute Workout  How 3 minutes of Exercise a Week […]

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I've tried my best to let you go . . . by FUNKYAH

Coca-Cola Really Does Sell Happiness

One aspect of the emergence of positive psychology and the trendiness of happiness has been to see businesses incorporating happiness into their business models.  Zappos’ business is based on “Delivering Happiness,” Huggies has it’s “be happy” campaign and Coca-Cola’s “Open Happiness” video commercials have been hugely successful. At least in the case of Coca-Cola, their […]

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Juggling with One Ball

Photo Credit: Mark Probst via Compfight Mindfulness and self-control are like two sides of the same coin.  This is counterintuitive, because mindfulness is often described as “non-attachment” which sounds like it is more about letting go of control–letting things be as they are without judgment. The problem is that this state of non-judgmental awareness does […]

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The Art of Self-Acceptance

Today’s article is a guest post from Dr. Larry Berkelhammer, who has learned the power of mindfulness and self-acceptance, even through his own diagnoses of several chronic illnesses. Dr. Berkelhammer has spent 19 years teaching clients how to manage their pain with mind training techniques.  His background is in psychotherapy, applied psychophysiology, and applied psychoneuroimmunology. […]

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The Promise of Spa

This week, Intelligent Life magazine posted an article on their blog refuting the benefits of spas.  Spas often take a bad rap as being a superficial luxury indulgence (“dedicated to narcissism” the Intelligent Life article says.) The article describes spas as “a mish-mash of promises” using a hodge-podge of modern technologies alongside ancient healing remedies […]

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Self-Control is at the Intersection of Western Science and Eastern Philosophy

One of the most fascinating aspects of my studies in positive psychology has been to see some interesting overlaps and themes between what modern researchers are studying and some of the teachings of ancient eastern philosophies. Mindfulness, for example, which has been a core facet of Zen and Buddhist philosophies for centuries, is increasingly being […]

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