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Jeremy and Dylan

Necessary Evils

peasap via Compfight One of the worst parts of being a parent is delivering bitter medicine to a child.  When one of my sons had an eye infection for example, I had to administer eye drops a couple of times a day.  This can be very traumatic for a small child (so much so, that […]

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The Allocation of Willpower

Britt-Marie Sohlström via Compfight Willpower is a limited resource.  When you expend it, by exerting your self-control, you are left weaker.  Eventually it replenishes itself, with rest, time for recovery, and nourishment (glucose.)  Everyone has a fixed quantity of willpower that they can invest in regulating themselves to work towards the goals that are most […]

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Excluding the Elderly Hurts the Excluders

Today’s article is from a guest blogger, Ben Thomas, an author, journalist, inventor and independent researcher who studies consciousness and the brain. His neuroscience newsgroup, The Connectome, reports the latest brain research on Facebook and Google+, and lots of his articles are available at Ronn aka “Blue” Aldaman via Compfight We’ve got a very strange relationship with our elders. I […]

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