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Dear Readers, thank you and goodbye!

Dear readers of Psychology of Wellbeing: Thank you for being a reader of my blog over the years. This blog has been an amazing place for me to process things that I have learned (or wrestled with) in understanding the science of human wellbeing. But those of you who have been with me for a […]

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emotional intelligence

Assessing Emotional Intelligence (and why you should)

This week’s article is written by Leopold Denis, the co-founder of Moodwalk, a French company specializing in emotional intelligence. You can learn more about it at What is Emotional Intelligence? Everybody knows what IQ is, but far fewer know about EQ. Your Emotional Quotient reflects your Emotional Intelligence (EI), which represents your ability to […]

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Good Luck to All Facing Sandy Aftermath

I’m not really writing an official article today.  It just doesn’t seem right to try and post an article when so many people are without power and struggling to pick themselves back up in the wake of Sandy’s devastation. For those (few) diehard readers who need their TPOW fix today, I encourage you to read […]

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