Self-Control is at the Intersection of Western Science and Eastern Philosophy

One of the most fascinating aspects of my studies in positive psychology has been to see some interesting overlaps and themes between what modern researchers are studying and some of the teachings of ancient eastern philosophies. Mindfulness, for example, which has been a core facet of Zen and Buddhist philosophies for centuries, is increasingly being […]

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Good Luck to All Facing Sandy Aftermath

I’m not really writing an official article today.  It just doesn’t seem right to try and post an article when so many people are without power and struggling to pick themselves back up in the wake of Sandy’s devastation. For those (few) diehard readers who need their TPOW fix today, I encourage you to read […]

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You Are In Control (You Just Don’t Know It)

Photo Credit: Arne Hendriks via Compfight You are the puppet master.  You pull the strings.  You push the buttons.  And everyone around you powerlessly and unwittingly submits to your will. This force that you hold over others is powerful but subtle.  So subtle, in fact, that it goes undetected by even your closest loved ones, […]

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