John Watson

The Crying Baby Problem

Photo Credit: Gonzalo Merat via Compfight Every parent in the world is familiar with the crying baby problem.  How should you respond when a baby cries?  Should you rush to his or her aid, in a demonstration of love and nurturing?  Or should you try to ignore it in an attempt to foster greater independence […]

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Yes Man

The Positive Flip

I saw a fun movie last week, called “Yes Man,” about a man (played by Jim Carrey) who turns his life around by saying “yes” to whatever opportunity came along (he had previously been in the habit of saying “no.”) It reminded me of the most powerful lesson I have learned from my studies in […]

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3 Reasons Your New Year’s Resolutions won’t Stick (and How to Overcome Them)

Photo Credit: John O’Nolan via Compfight Peter Gollwitzer, professor of psychology at NYU, knows more about goal setting and accomplishment than most people.  He ‘s been studying goals for over a decade.  In a recent interview, Gollwitzer explained the 3 biggest challenges that people run into while striving for their goals: 1. Getting started.  For […]

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The Art of Self-Acceptance

Today’s article is a guest post from Dr. Larry Berkelhammer, who has learned the power of mindfulness and self-acceptance, even through his own diagnoses of several chronic illnesses. Dr. Berkelhammer has spent 19 years teaching clients how to manage their pain with mind training techniques.  His background is in psychotherapy, applied psychophysiology, and applied psychoneuroimmunology. […]

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