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And Some Will Die: Risk and Reality on the Road

This weekend is a holiday weekend.  Millions of families will pile into their cars to spend a few days away relaxing, sight-seeing, or celebrating.  And some will crash . . . and some will die.  This is a sobering thought, inspired by one of the most disturbing videos I have ever seen (see disclosure below before clicking this […]

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Comprehensive Soldier Fitness: A Holistic Approach to Warrior Training

Comprehensive Soldier Fitness is the Army’s new training program that uses positive psychology to teach soldiers mental resilience strategies to maintain their psychological wellbeing while confronting the challenges of being separated from families, regularly facing conflict, and losing friends and colleagues. The program, which calls for an army of “balanced, healthy, self-confident soldiers” and “improved […]

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VIDEO: In Defense of Pampering (and other Spa Silliness)

In Defense of Pampering from Jeremy McCarthy on Vimeo. Because I am currently on vacation in France and celebrating my grandparents’ (in-law) 70th wedding anniversary (an occasion which warrants a blog article in and of itself!) in place of my regular weekly column, I am sharing a link to a video of the speech that […]

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