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Movement is the New Fitness

  “I don’t do fitness my friend.  That’s not what I do.  I talk about movement.  Fitness is a small, small, small world, within the universe of movement.  I view it as a limited world.  A world with many problems.  A polluted world.  Gymnastics and yoga and boxing and mind-body methods and other martial arts […]

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Strive At Your Own Risk

proisraeli via Compfight Human beings are strivers.  This has been a common theme of different theories of psychology over the years: we thrive on accomplishment.  You could argue that this human need for mastery goes all the way back to the first amoeba struggling to crawl its way out of the primordial slime.  We have […]

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Following Yourself in the Wrong Direction

Gerry Balding via Compfight You may have heard of humorous stories of baby ducklings who follow around humans because they are genetically programmed to “imprint” on the first creature they see (presumably their mother, but not always–see cute duckling imprinting video here.) Because of this interesting phenomena, the name “duckling effect” is sometimes used to […]

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5 Wellness Strategies that Don’t Work (and 5 that Do)

Gideon via Compfight Strategies that don’t work: 1.  Diet – Diets in and of themselves rarely work and cannot be sustained indefinitely.  The longer someone is on a diet, the harder it gets.  Dieters tend to stretch their willpower too far and eventually end up caving in to temptation usually ending up right back where […]

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