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Performance Review

Positive Peformance Evaluations

The end of the year is drawing near again and it’s time once again to begin thinking about those dreaded year-end employee performance evaluations.  These meetings, usually accompanied by some kind of documentation, are a kind of report card for employees—a chance for managers to assess the performance of their workforce, and a chance for […]

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Positive Leadership on Display

Last week, at the International Spa Association annual conference, the spa industry got a good immersion in what positive leadership looks like.  The first day’s keynote speaker was Bert Jacobs, the CEO (Chief Executive Optimist) of Life is Good.  In case you aren’t already familiar with the Life is Good brand, it is a clothing […]

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CoCreatie IPC by Freddy Snijder

The Social Contract at Work

Most employers understand their relationship with their employees as being based on a simple employment contract.  The employee is provided with a compensation package including a living wage and a certain amount of benefits and in return they are expected to fulfill certain functions of the job, usually outlined in an employee handbook and/or a […]

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Construction Worker by Saad Akhtar

What’s Good About Work?

Let’s face it, most of us hate our jobs, and if you ask us what we hate about them, we’d be happy to tell you the stories of lazy coworkers, miserable conditions and asshole bosses.  Gallup researchers suggest that “presenteeism” (the act of showing up to work but not truly contributing to the productivity of […]

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CSA-2006-09-27-084710-1 by US Army

Meet the Army’s Positive Psychology Dream Team

I previously wrote about the U.S. Army’s Comprehensive Soldier Fitness Program:  the army’s step towards developing a fighting force that is as psychologically strong as it is physically.  The program gets some heat from critics, for a variety of reasons, but I see it as a step towards taking better care of the men and […]

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Enchantment: Guy Kawasaki Wants to Cast a Spell On You

“Encantado” is the common greeting to someone you’ve just met in Mexico.  In France, it’s “enchanté”.  These words are awkward for a native English speaker to use, (as I can tell you as an American who has been studying both languages.)  We just aren’t as easily “enchanted” as our more passionate international counterparts. In English, […]

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