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Positive Gossip by Stephen Poff

Did you Hear? . . . Positive Gossip

Today’s article contains simple but powerful wisdom from Dr. Lynn Johnson, PhD, author of ENJOY LIFE! Healing with Happiness.  For a great introduction to Lynn (and his dog Ruby,) visit his website and watch the one minute video for a brief lesson on happiness. Homer Simpson once said, “If we aren’t supposed to eat animals, why […]

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Where does Radical Game Changing Innovation come From?

Probably my favorite business article of all time was an article about collaboration from Inc. Magazine (from several years ago.)  The article was called “The Idiocy of Crowds” and the sub-heading declared, “Collaboration is the hottest buzzword in business today.  Too bad it doesn’t work.”  The reason the article has stuck with me is because […]

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Dublin by Eversheds LLP

Happy? Thank a Lawyer

I am excited to present this fascinating look at the history of our relationship with happiness from Dan Bowling, a practicing lawer, consultant, executive coach and a research fellow at Penn’s Positive Psychology Center.  Dan has been researching the psychology of law practice as it relates to wellbeing.  You can read more about his work […]

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To the Rescue by Tommy Huynh

Putting Your Strengths to Work

This article was previously published on Positive Psychology News Daily. OK, so you’ve taken the VIA Survey to determine your character strengths.  And after reading one (or several) of Tom Rath’s books on “Strengths-Based Leadership,” you’ve taken the Strengthsfinder 2.0 test to get another perspective on what your strengths are.  You’ve even done the Myers […]

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The 5 Essential Elements of Wellbeing

I recently spoke with Tom Rath, a fellow Master of Applied Positive Psychology, and the head of the workplace consulting business with Gallup.  Gallup is very well known for their global opinion research, but most of the employees (a couple hundred thousand according to Rath) are dedicated to working with large organizations to build more […]

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Comprehensive Soldier Fitness: A Holistic Approach to Warrior Training

Comprehensive Soldier Fitness is the Army’s new training program that uses positive psychology to teach soldiers mental resilience strategies to maintain their psychological wellbeing while confronting the challenges of being separated from families, regularly facing conflict, and losing friends and colleagues. The program, which calls for an army of “balanced, healthy, self-confident soldiers” and “improved […]

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