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Positive Leadership in Spas and Hospitality

The spa and hospitality industries are defined by lofty goals of enhancing well-being through service to their guests.  But it takes a special kind of leadership to help connect the employees in this industry to the higher purpose of their work.  UC Irvine is proud to welcome Jeremy McCarthy, Director of Global Spa Development Operations for Starwood Hotels and Resorts, as he presents strategies from positive psychology and positive organizational scholarship for engaging and motivating teams of people working in spas and hospitality.  Learn about the art of “job crafting” to engage employees around their strengths and values and to create a workplace that is more meaningful and fulfilling for those who work there.

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To register or find out when “Positive Leadership in Spas and Hospitality” will be offered next, please visit the UC Irvine website.

UC Irvine Extension’s Spa and Hospitality Management Certificate Program is offering a new course on “Positive Leadership in Spas and Hospitality.”  The course was first offered in January 2012 and due to popular demand, has been offered every year since. This course looks at a variety of positive business strategies developed using research from applied positive psychology, appreciative inquiry and positive organizational scholarship and deeply explores how they can be applied in the spa, hospitality and wellness industries.

Positive leadership refers to an approach to business that is geared towards “positive deviance” or achieving positive results substantially above the norm, and doing so with an “affirmative bias” or a focus on strengths, flourishing, positive communication, and virtuousness.  Students will learn how to engage, motivate and lead a team of people to accomplish business goals while also creating a positive impact in the world.  Topics will include developing a workplace culture, employee engagement and motivation, and strategies for goals and accomplishment.

Students will also learn about “job crafting” as a way to create meaningful work for themselves and their employees.  Using strategies based on strengths and values, they will learn not only how to maximize their own contribution to business goals, but also how to make the experience more meaningful on a personal level.

The instructor for this course is Jeremy McCarthy, the Group Director of Spa for Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group. Jeremy McCarthy has over twenty years of experience opening and operating luxury resort spas, including 14 years with Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, 3 years opening and operating the new spa at famed La Costa Resort and Spa, and 8 years as the Director of Global Spa Development and Operations for Starwood Hotels & Resorts.

McCarthy sat for several years on the Board of Directors for the International Spa Association and speaks regularly at spa industry events including ISPA, Leading Spas of Canada, New York Spa Alliance, Washington Spa Alliance, and SPATEC, is the author of “Become a Spa Owner,” and writes regularly for Pulse, LiveSpa, Organic Spa Magazine, and Positive Psychology News Daily, as well as his own blog on holistic wellness, The Psychology of Wellbeing (http://psychologyofwellbeing.com.)  He holds a Bachelor degree in Psychology from University of California, Santa Barbara and a Master of Applied Positive Psychology degree from the University of Pennsylvania.

About UC Irvine Extension’s Spa and Hospitality Management Certificate Program

The program provides preparation for success in the spa and hospitality industry. Students receive comprehensive training to help prepare for career success by gaining specific business and management skills needed for successful day-to-day operations, combined with long-range strategies necessary for sustained growth and profitability. Courses are offered both in the classroom, as well as online to accommodate student’s schedules. Visit their website, Spa and Hospitality Management Certificate, for more information or register here.

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